Bowers & Wilkins launches new PX noise-canceling headphones

Bowers & Wilkins has made a few different wireless headphones, but the PX is theie first headphone to feature both Bluetooth and noise cancelling — and it’s actually the company’s first noise-cancelling headphone of any kind. 


Available in two color options, space gray and soft gold, the PX has that sleek, sophisticated design that Bowers & Wilkins headphones are known for, with some metal parts and ballistic nylon on its ear cups. 


But, as B&W fans will attest, its brand has its own pulling power. Aside from the premium design, which is also present this time round, the sound quality of its devices tends to be top-notch. In the case of the PX headphones, the ability to manipulate the noise cancelling aspect (to block ambient car sounds, or let in chatter) is attention-grabbing. And, then there’s the battery life: 22 hours of playback in wireless mode, and 33 hours when wired. Speaking of the design, the PX boasts a leather headband, and an etched-aluminum finish. 


The headphone is comfortable to wear, but it’s not as light.
Like earlier wireless Bowers & Wilkins headphones, the PX comes with a quilted carrying case and a cable for listening in wired mode so you can plug into an in-flight entertainment system. It’s worth noting that this headphone charges via USB. 

To maximize sound quality, you can turn off noise cancelling all together in the app or push a button on the right ear cup to toggle it on or off . Another option is to adjust the level of pass-through sound so you can better hear people talking, and B&W promises that the headphones will add features and improve over time through software updates. 


The other feature worth highlighting is the auto-pause/auto-resume feature: If you pull an ear cup off your ear, your music pauses and then resumes as soon as you put the ear cup back on your ear.

PX sounds pretty open for a closed-back headphone and it haqgood clarity and is natural sounding in the midrange. The bass goes deep.

The PX does sound excellent for a wireless noise-cancelling headphone and is a strong contender in this price class. PX is available in either Space Grey or Soft Gold etched-aluminium finish.

Bowers & Wilkins

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