ClarinsMen Tanning Booster: easy way to boost your colour

White as a spreadsheet with a hot date and no time to tan?

The ClarinsMen Tanning Booster is a concentrated self-tanner that provides a gradual, radiant, natural-looking tan when combined with your moisturizer. 

The ultimate in an easy, made-to-measure glow, added into your morning and nighttime routine to reap all of the benefits of your usual moisturiser with the added bonus of a self tan.It’s an effortless way to achieve a gradual, golden glow that can be built up to your desired colour. 

Simply add a few drops of the Clarins Men Tanning Booster into a small amount of your chosen skincare, then massage over the face and neck. Add 1-3 drops daily until you’re happy with the colour, and then add 2 drops a day to maintain it. Wash hands after use.
This is a great tanning gel for the face as it doesn’t clog pores and dries in minutes. Less George Hamilton, more George Clooney!

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