Therapie TAXI – Hit Sale ft. Roméo Elvis

Therapie TAXI released the music video for the single, ‘Hit Sale ft. Roméo Elvis’. At GUSMEN, we are already crazy about that song and we like it so much we want you to discover it. It seduced us because of its singular style and sound.
Revealed at the “Transmusicales” of Rennes 2016 (France), the french band Therapie Taxi offers a successful featuring with the Belgian rapper Roméo Elvis on the title Hit Sale.

Directed by Original Kids, the video reveals a new excerpt from the first Thérapie Taxi album (after Coma Idyllique) released last Friday 2nd February. Hit Sale isn’t just an album chock-full of great tunes, with expertly layered production and dynamic and varied writing, it’s an album with nuance, vulnerability and heart, which is waiting to be discovered. That’s where the real joy of the album lies, and what makes it – and its writers – such a knockout.

‘Hit Sale ft. Roméo Elvis’ will be for sure one of the hits of the year, one you discovered with us.

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