PEUGEOT Travel: Redefining Elegance, Ingenuity, and Contemporary Travel

PEUGEOT Travel, a collaboration between PEUGEOT and DELSEY PARIS, introduces a collection of luggage that embodies elegance, ingenuity, and contemporary design. Inspired by travel knowledge, this line combines meticulous attention to detail with innovative features.

With a focus on French savoir-faire and uncompromising craftsmanship, PEUGEOT Travel offers a reinterpretation of traditional trunks, infusing them with a sleek and ergonomic style. The collection’s clean and ingenious design challenges conventional luggage norms.

Built to withstand the test of time and travel, PEUGEOT Travel uses technologically robust materials that provide exceptional resistance and security. Rigorous crash tests have confirmed their durability, even in extreme conditions.

Practicality meets style in every aspect of PEUGEOT Travel. Impeccable finishes and precision-engineered components enhance the user experience. From the smooth sound of the wheels to the elegant closure of the locks, attention to detail is evident throughout.

The color palette reflects modernity and French sophistication, offering timeless shades alongside vibrant options. The glossy finish adds a sophisticated touch to the collection.

PEUGEOT Travel includes both stiff and soft luggage options, combining architectural design with exclusive features. The trunk suitcase pays homage to tradition with its aerodynamic lines, generous storage space, and modular organization. The cabin suitcase embraces ergonomic organization and includes a Bluetooth tracker pocket and a USB port for convenience.

Embrace the elegance, ingenuity, and contemporary style of PEUGEOT Travel. Redefine your travel experience with a collection that transcends expectations and invites you to embark on extraordinary journeys.


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