Perrier Unveils Perrier + Starck: A Bottled Masterpiece by Philippe Starck

Celebrating its 160th anniversary in style, Perrier is set to captivate the world once again. As part of the festivities, Perrier is unveiling a limited edition, the Perrier + Starck, a reimagination of its iconic green bottle by visionary creator Philippe Starck.

In this groundbreaking collaboration, Starck retains the essence of Perrier’s iconic shape while infusing it with a unique and artistic flair. Drawing inspiration from Fresnel’s optical lens design, Starck’s vision carves thin horizontal streaks into the glass surface, creating a visually mesmerizing interplay of optics and light. These streaks illuminate the energy and poetry contained within Perrier’s signature bubbles.

This design evolution not only celebrates Perrier’s legendary French heritage but also elevates it to an art form. The bottle becomes a creative masterpiece, blurring the lines between functionality and aesthetics.

The Perrier bottle has a storied history, with its original design dating back to 1906, inspired by Indian juggling clubs. Over the years, it has remained an international icon, gracing royal tables and evolving while staying true to its elegant curves.

Perrier has a tradition of collaborating with creative luminaries. From Salvador Dalí to Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, the brand has continually reinvented its image through art. Philippe Starck now joins this esteemed list as the first creator to redesign the iconic bottle’s shape.

When asked about the collaboration, Philippe Starck shares, “PERRIER is an international, yet also incredibly French icon. Its bubbles encapsulate the whole of French elegance and spirit, a je-ne-sais-quoi that makes the brand timeless.”

Starck’s redesign retains the bottle’s graspability and adds an emotional attachment, making it both beautiful and functional. The horizontal streaks create an optical play akin to a Fresnel lens, turning the bubbles into optical magic.

With this collaboration, Perrier reaffirms its commitment to artistic innovation and continues to push the boundaries of creativity while honoring its rich heritage. The Perrier + Starck bottle is not just a vessel for sparkling water; it’s a work of art that invites you to savor the beauty within each bubble.


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