Porsche Design Pure 22: Embodying the Essence of the Blue Hour

As the day’s light fades into the enchanting embrace of the night, a moment of pure magic unveils itself – the blue hour. This time, when the sun has set but the night has not yet fully taken over, is a dance of shadows and light, a time when the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. It’s in this captivating moment that Porsche Design finds the muse for its latest olfactory masterpiece, Pure 22 – a fragrance that is not just a scent, but a celebration of transitions, an ode to the modern man’s dynamic spirit.

Unfolding the Narrative of the Blue Hour

Porsche Design, in a harmonious collaboration with the visionary perfumer Maïa Lernout, has crafted Pure 22 to capture the very essence of the blue hour. This fragrance is a story told in scents, a tale of self-discovery, and the elegance of embracing one’s true self. It’s a journey that begins at the end of the day and takes you through the night, wrapped in an aura of sophistication and sensual allure.

A Symphony of Senses

The journey of Pure 22 begins with an invigorating burst of cardamom, pepper, and tangerine – the perfect representation of the day’s energetic closure. As the fragrance unfurls, it reveals a heart of lavandin, cypriol, and a marine accord, capturing the serene yet vibrant spirit of the twilight. The base notes of cistus, cedar wood, and patchouli gracefully anchor the scent, lending it a warm, sensual depth that whispers tales of the night.

Fragrance Notes: Painting Twilight in Scents

  • Top Notes: A vibrant farewell to the day with Cardamom, Tangerine, Black Pepper.
  • Heart Notes: The soul of twilight captured with Lavandin, Cypriol, Marine Accord.
  • Base Notes: Embracing the night’s allure with Cistus, Cedar Wood, Patchouli.

The Flacon: A Testament to Design and Innovation

The flacon of Pure 22 is a masterpiece that perfectly embodies Porsche Design’s philosophy of combining aesthetic elegance with functional brilliance. Its design, a sleek amalgamation of high-quality glass and lightweight metal, is an homage to the blue hour, mirroring its mysterious beauty. The innovative spray mechanism is discreet yet effective, ensuring that the fragrance is a constant companion, whether at a sophisticated soiree or a casual rooftop gathering.

In essence, Porsche Design Pure 22 is more than a fragrance; it’s a celebration of life’s fleeting moments, a tribute to the modern man who finds beauty in transition and thrives in the balance between day and night. It’s an invitation to embrace every moment with passion and to live a life filled with endless possibilities. With Pure 22, every second is an opportunity to be seized, a new chapter waiting to be written.


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