LOEWE Elixir Collection: A Fragrant Symphony of Nature

In addition to the renowned LOEWE Perfumes, the Elixir collection introduces a new dimension to the Botanical Rainbow fragrances: This innovative line features two iconic scents, LOEWE Solo Ella Elixir and LOEWE Esencia Elixir, both elevated with an exceptional concentration of 30% essential oils, creating a lasting and enchanting aura.


The masculine variant, LOEWE Esencia Elixir, delves into the profound depths and complexities of the EDP LOEWE Esencia EDP, weaving together aromatic and woody accords with smoky notes of leather, patchouli, vetiver, and amber. The result is a fragrance that boldly asserts its robustness and uniqueness, a subtle embodiment of virility.

The Elixirs are housed in cubic glass bottles, each reflecting a shade derived from their original color palette – orange for Solo Ella Elixir and green for Esencia Elixir. This design choice not only maintains a connection with the base fragrance but also symbolizes evolution and progression towards new horizons. Each bottle is adorned with a sensuous wenge wood cap, representing inherent strength, structure, and the artisanal nature of these two aromatic variations.

The collection is an extension of the Botanical Rainbow, a series relaunched in 2020–2021, featuring nine iconic fragrance families. 



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