LAMINE SOW : Afrocentric Minimalism in Contemporary Fashion

Lamine Sow, wearing a piece from his own fashion collection

Born in Paris, he grew up at the crossroads of worlds, between the cosmopolitan influences of the French capital, Dakar, and Rome. The diplomatic background of his parents instilled in him a quality education, emphasizing the importance of always being presentable. This is reflected in his father’s saying: “Even to take out the trash, be well-dressed, because you never know who you might run into.” These words deeply influenced his understanding of everyday elegance. Growing up immersed in a mix of cultures enriched his worldview but also ignited an indelible passion for traditional craftsmanship and the art of tailoring.

After studying business/managerial economics and communication, Lamine worked as a communications manager for a few years. Later, he ventured into the world of bespoke tailoring as a partner in a Parisian tailoring house. With a decade of practical experience in the fashion world, he decided to continue his academic journey at the French Fashion Institute to sharpen his mind and push himself to explore his creative identity within the fashion universe.

 The Lamine Sow brand is a celebration of cultural diversity that blends distinctive minimalism with a free and fearless artistic expression. He explores minimalism with a strong Afrocentric influence, avoiding caricatures while valuing materials, colors, and shapes that speak of history, culture, and identity. Inspired by Italian fashion and African roots, each garment is a story, a journey through textures and colors that blend the traditional with the contemporary.
Lamine Sow is also driven by a political and social commitment, seeking to raise the standards of his community while creating inclusive fashion where each piece is a statement of belonging.

Lamine Sow, wearing a piece from his own fashion collection

Lamine draws inspiration from notable black personalities in cinema, music, and photography. Each of his works pays tribute to these figures. Rich narratives that extol identity, diversity, and aesthetics in all its expressions. He has managed to integrate the lessons of his multicultural experiences to forge a unique brand. He translates abstractions—a thought, an idea, an emotion—into tangible creations, into garments that speak to the soul, bringing his clients’ daydreams to life.

A model wearing a piece from Lamine Sow’s collection

His quest for expression has led him to collaborate with renowned tailoring workshops in Bergamo and Florence in Italy, as well as in Paris, France, places known for fashion, to link his name with artisanal excellence. These collaborations are a testament to his respect for traditional craftsmanship, which he seeks to perpetuate through a contemporary vision of fashion. Each piece is a tribute to his Senegalese heritage, a celebration of his African roots through the prism of European sophistication.

After several years in the Paris region, Lamine chose Brussels to develop his brand, attracted by the city’s creative potential. The Belgian capital remains a fertile ground for fashion brand development. His move is a testament to his desire to explore new horizons and continue to enrich his brand with diverse cultural influences.

A model wearing a piece from Lamine Sow’s collection

Lamine Sow’s talent as a fashion designer is undeniable, and this was particularly evident at the end of 2023, a period marked by great success, thanks notably to his various fashion shows. Among these, those held at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren were highlights, as evidenced by his statement: “Damn, what an adventure that first fashion show at the Royal Museum for Central Africa was. Big thanks to the entire museum team. They really captured the cultural relevance of what I do, the African minimalism I’m trying to achieve while redefining masculinity in my silhouettes. The audience was totally in the vibe, especially seeing the monogram I created on a dress. First fashion show, first feedback, first interview with our friends at BBC News Africa, present for the event. It was quite satisfying to see part of my story come to life before their eyes.”

A model wearing a piece from Lamine Sow’s collection at the International Salon of Black Diasporas Fashion Show in Brussels

A thoughtful and accessible creator, in his various workshops in Brussels, Paris, and Dakar, he tailors bespoke suits for any occasion, personally overseeing every step from design to final adjustments. He has established strong connections with partners and workshops. His creations are the result of exclusive work with local workshops in Italy, known for their artisanal craftsmanship and attention to detail. Clients are invited to actively participate in the design of their garments to ensure extensive customization. Lamine offers a varied selection of high-quality and traceable fabrics. An extensive range of colors and materials such as cotton, wool, linen, cashmere, silk, and viscose.

Various colorways from Lamine Sow’s collection



LAMINE SOW – MADE TO MEASURE – offers an advanced made to measure service, available by appointments only in Brussels (showroom), Paris, and Dakar.

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