BOSS Eyewear Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection

BOSS Eyewear 2024 collection once again proves that luxury and ecology can coexist by incorporating eco-friendly materials into sophisticated designs.

At the heart of this collection are the “Bold Signature” and “Light Signature” lines from the “Style & Expression” range, showcasing glasses with sleek and light designs. These pieces are made from Acetate Renew, an innovative component derived from bio-sourced and recycled materials, and Tritan™ Renew, a high-quality plastic also obtained from recycled resources. The use of these materials underscores BOSS Eyewear’s commitment to protecting our planet by offering consumers greener options.

The flagship models of the collection, such as the BOSS 1623/S, 1624/S, and 1625/S sunglasses, stand out for their distinctive aesthetics and meticulous finishes. The frames offer a range of sophisticated colors, from classic solid shades to Havana and transparent nuances, all enhanced by metallic details adorned with the iconic BOSS stripes. These details are not only a mark of quality but also a visual signature that enriches each piece with a strong and recognizable identity.

The “Signature Light Metal” line further expands the offering with sunglasses and optical frames characterized by a minimalist yet extremely trendy design. They feature light volumes and are personalized by a striped metallic element, emblematic of BOSS. Additionally, the “Functional and Comfort” line’s Casual capsule collection presents comfortable and easy-to-wear daily models, crafted in the same sustainable spirit and adorned with the BOSS logo on the arms.

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