A New York Gym Is Offering Naked Fitness Classes

For those trying to keep their New Year’s resolution to get fit in 2018, a New York gym class has a novel idea: Work out in the nude.

Hanson Fitness, a gym chain used by celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Tom Cruise, istarted its first nude personal training session last January 5 and plans to hold three sessions a week: one mixed, one for men, and one for women. The “total body workout” will be a resistance workout, focusing on the glutes (eyes up here), legs and core muscles.


Besides encouraging you to feel good in your birthday suit, the gym says working out naked is actually a good idea because it keeps you cool, releases endorphins and gives you unrestricted movement.

Our approach makes sure our members get and stay in the absolute best shape, and our new naked personal fitness sessions are no exception. This new development brings with it a range of fitness and health benefits and allows our members to have a little cheeky fun in the process!

says Harry Hanson who will lead the nude exercise sessions.


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about working out in the nude. NKD Training in the UK has naked gym training, but it’s only for dudes. And who could forget that naked yoga trend?

So, what exactly are the benefits of naked training?
According to Hanson Fitness, the advantages of training nude are fourfold:
1/It releases endorphins.

Sunlight on the exposed skin will lead to the body producing Vitamin D which aids in bone and muscle health,” according to the gym. “Vitamin D also leads to serotonin production, the hormone responsible for our mood regulation.

2/It increases body awareness and empowerment.

While you’re in your birthday suit, you can see every inch of your body which makes it easy to see if you’re cheating on your exercises.

3/It makes for unrestricted movement.

While naked, there’s nothing at all holding you back. The only limitations are your own, not because you can’t move in a certain angle in your cute workout clothes.

4/Less laundry.

(Pretty self-explanatory).


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