Hit the Trails With Adidas Zonyk Aero Midcut

By revealing the lightweight zonyk aero midcut, adidas Sport eyewear is now offering the perfect tool for trail running adventures.

No trail too steep, no rocks too rugged and no weather too unpredictable: the new zonyk aero midcut shows the smallest details utilizing a huge field of vision that is aided by enhanced lower peripherals thanks to its bold halfrim design with distinct lines. Together with the unique shape of the lenses – which are available in a large assortment including polarized, mirror, fluctuation harmonizing and eye fatigue reducing, automatically tint and more– the zonyk aero midcut delivers from exploring mellow park trails to fighting for every second during mountain run competitions in rugged terrain.

The German mountain running champion Anton Palzer says:

Having to navigate sharp rocks, snaking roots and loose debris at a fast pace, it is vital to catch every detail on the trail as quickly as possible. With the highly stable fit and clear vision of the new zonyk aero midcut, I can constantly push the limits

The zonyk aero midcut is available as a pro version, featuring a removable sweat bar that directs the airstream towards the inside of the filters, aiding the climacool® ventilation system and helping to reduce lens fogging.


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