Davide by Patryck Lebrun: Serenity by the sea

By the sea is a tranquil space, at least I believe it to be. The waves crashing against the coastal rocks creating a distinctive rhythm and sound track to the picturesque landscapes. And there are many different forms of seaside, all with their own settings and unique soundscapes.

Patryck Lebrun shares with us a beautiful series of pictures taken at the Côte Bleue, which lies close to Marseille, France.

Patryck is born and raised in Marseille and after finishing university found himself in the audio-visual profession. Music was his initial means of expression but that slowly developed into video and video production. It was not until he was thirty that he fell into photography, firstly as a model but preferring the other side of the lens. Patrick is now a fulltime, talented photographer that favours the human form in his works.

His latest series of pictures has Davide as the model. A Verona (Italy) local who works within the travel industry and has studied in sport and psychology, Davide is captured wading through the shallows letting the afternoon sun kiss his skin. He is seen enjoying the afternoon rays in a relaxed atmosphere, relishing in the cool water and lounging on the rocks; half submerged.

The beauty of the human body is in full display and Davide’s body is nothing but exceptional. This beauty is enhanced through the techniques used by Patrick; silhouettes, body position and the perfect lighting creates a wonderfully natural series that you can hear the soundscape of and escape to the seaside

Written by Frederick Boutry, edited by Simon-James Reynolds.
Model: Davide

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