The sweetest rooms in Amsterdam

One of our favourite cities in Europe is Amsterdam. The Dutch metropolis is known for its innovative mindset and open-minded people of different cultures. It has the most amazing museums with the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank House, wonderful shopping areas with dutch fashion and design and of course an amazing nightlife.

And it is not a surprise that it is in Amsterdam that we discovered a unique hotel concept: Sweets Hotel. Why unique? Because you are sleeping in your own little bridge house!

It all started as an urban development project to find new purposes for the former bridge operators’ pavilions. Sweets Hotel transformed 28 bridge houses into cosy rooms. The oldest buildings date from 1673, the most recent one was built in 2009. Each room has a unique design, but one thing is the same for each room: you have your own little building on the canal-side!

Some are situated at bustling intersections close to where it happens, while others are in unexpected and less touristic riverside neighbourhoods. Some are located in the middle of a bridge, while others are located on a long dock that juts into the canal. All provide an intimate, authentic sense of life on the city’s canals.

The rooms are ingeniously designed, maximising the use of space and are very comfortable. Each room has a unique and private view on the canal.

But how does it work?

You reserve and pay online. With the confirmation email, an electronic key is sent to your phone. With the hotel app and the bluetooth signal, you can open the door. Which means that there is no central reception or other facilities: you are pretty much on your own. If necessary, there is a number to phone if you’re in difficulties. There is a tablet in the room (and Free Wi-Fi) with all the necessary information about the room, simple instructions but also tips on restaurants, cafés and shops in the neighbourhood. And there is of course housecleaning!

Room rates start at a reasonable € 160? You can book it online on the SWEETS hotel website.

SWEETS hotel is definitely a unique hospitality concept and a radical way to experience Amsterdam. The views over the canals and the historical value of the bridge houses will create a memorable visit. It is a must do and our tip for to enjoy a city trip this winter!

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The sweetest rooms in Amsterdam

One of our favourite cities in Europe is Amsterdam. The Dutch metropolis...
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