Raw – a showcase of the sexed-up photography of Lope Navo

Showcasing the sexed-up photography of Lope Navo, Raw is a stunning hardcover book that brings together three decades of men.

The photographs featured in Raw represent Navo’s body of work amassed over thirty years – the book includes images of 100 men from around the world, with the cities of Rio De Jainero, Sao Paolo, Vitória, Manila, Tel Aviv, Paris, Berlin, and Milan all represented, as well as New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

“It is the immediacy of Lope Navo’s photos of men that grab us…” says Christopher Harrity, writing in the foreword of the book. “The kinetic moment feels as if captured by luck, by magic, by an animal instinct. The toil of a studied photo portrait with studio assistants and publishers seems to not be a part of this sudden moment. A mixture of trust and a preternatural inner sense of when to release the shutter is a skill born of years of practice and surrender to the moment.”

Navo built his career as a fashion photographer, and he brings his aesthetic eye to every detail of this hardcover showcase. This is a stylish tome that celebrates male beauty, masculinity, boyhood, and the naked body.

“It’s easy to see why Navo has become the go-to-artist for masculine, authoritative, and sexually-charged images – always with a pervasive air of sophistication…” says Jason Salzenstein, writing in the afterword of the book. “An award-winning erotic photographer, Navo skillfully strips-down his subjects – and not just physically.



This is a unique collectible. The signed limited edition copy of the book includes a signed giant-size Lope Navo poster, a set of 18 postcards in a hand finished faux-leather envelope, a special acrylic slip-box case with an embossed die cut logo, and a premium red clamshell box.

Raw – the hardcover photography showcase from Lope Navo – is available via Amazon











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