HOT SINCE 1982– and we are sweating!

After over a decade of releasing smashing tracks that made every summer even warmer, last month, world renowned British DJ and record producer Hot Since 82 has released his first full-length studio album – Recovery. And boy, we are steaming hot sweating!

Start to finish, Recovery packs true hits. Our favorite tracks are certainly Nightfall, Loverdose, Naboo (hello to all the Star Wars fans) and Mesmerize, but on top of these essential house dancefloor-filling tracks one track simply stand outs because of its features, lyrics, beats and altogether vibe. Body Control features the iconic vocals of Boy George and production assistance from the clubbing titan Jamie Jones. The track is a true warm house inciting happiness and makes us want to move. Lyrically, Body Control is playing with the fact that while Hot Since 82 was breathing his first breaths, Boy George was ‘clubbing till the early hours’ and ‘rolling in spilled beer’, Culture Club lead singer then recites – Hacienda, Kraftwerk, Maggie Thatcher, Paparazzi, 1982, I was there, where were you?
This club hit is genuinely making us think of those better days when clubbing was allowed, and dancing shirtless (not even knowing what masks were) was encouraged. Soon we will club again! Until then Recovery is available on all streaming platforms.

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