Maison Dandoy x Lab: Gluten free biscuits for Xmas!

Maison Dandoy is going gluten-free. Since there is no reason to deprive allergic or intolerant people any longer, a new duo of biscuits has entered the range. So that everyone will be able to munch on with greed… and without moderation. In terms of taste, there is the buckwheat flour caramel biscuit and the chocolate biscuit with chestnut flour.

These biscuits were created in the Dandoy Lab, the new experimental space where Maison Dandoy would like to rise to the current social, environmental and health challenges. Since a Maison made of traditions always grows by questioning them, Dandoy will try to do better, fail, fail better and finally succeed.

On the agenda: how to tackle the issue of waste? How to promote agriculture that respects the soil and biodiversity? How to ensure that everyone, regardless of their health, can have a bite? Let’s count on them to answer these questions. After all, if their biscuits have stood the test of time, it’s because they’ve always managed to make them crunch with their epoch.

Maison Dandoy

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