POTICHE: Awakening Artistry in a former drugstore

Brussels, Belgium – In the tranquil municipality of Uccle, an abandoned drugstore that had been dormant for 40 years suddenly came to life as a brand-new artistic initiative: POTICHE. This Brussels-based ceramics club, founded by artisan Joana Carrée, has become a vibrant space dedicated to ceramics and artistic expression.

An Oasis of Art and Creativity

Last January, POTICHE came to life within the walls of the former drugstore, transforming it into a welcoming and cozy haven for ceramics enthusiasts. Joana Carrée, who dedicated 17 years of her life to architecture, took a courageous step into a new creative path. This venture, fueled by her passion for ceramics, gave birth to POTICHE.

As soon as you step inside, you are greeted by a “salve” (hello in Italian) engraved in the granito floor, a nod to the diversity of influences that converge within this workshop-boutique. POTICHE is more than just a pottery studio; it is a space where stories intertwine and come to life.

A Place to Learn and Create

POTICHE’s aim is to share the passion for ceramics with a wide audience. To achieve this, they offer a comprehensive program of classes catering to beginners and experienced artists alike. Whether you want to try your hand at pottery on the wheel or engage in sculpting, the courses are designed to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual.

POTICHE’s workshops also provide a space for participants to freely explore their creativity and technique. The exchange of ideas among club members enriches this collective experience, creating an environment conducive to learning and artistic growth.

A Gallery for Artistic Expression

Beyond classes and workshops, Joana Carrée has an ambitious project: to transform part of the former drugstore into an exhibition and expression space for the Belgian art scene. This new space will allow ceramic artists from the region to showcase their creations to the public, while also strengthening the recognition of ceramics as a legitimate art form.

By giving artists the opportunity to share their work with a broader audience, POTICHE hopes to encourage innovation and diversity in the Belgian ceramics community.

Changing the Course of Destiny

The very name “POTICHE” evokes transformation. A “potiche” is a ceramic object traditionally used for decoration, sometimes underestimated in terms of artistic value. Just like the eponymous object, Joana Carrée aims to prove that ceramics are much more than mere craftsmanship; they are an art deserving of celebration and exploration.

POTICHE offers a unique opportunity to rediscover the ancient art of ceramics in a contemporary and stimulating setting. By renovating this former drugstore, which had been dormant for decades, Joana Carrée and her team have given birth to a lively place where stories, skills, and dreams of aspiring artists and ceramics enthusiasts can flourish.

Practical Information

For those eager to immerse themselves in the captivating world of ceramics and join the creative community of POTICHE, here are the practical details:

POTICHE – Brussels Ceramics Club Rue Joseph Stallaert 75, 1180 Uccle, Brussels, Belgium

Whether you are a novice or already possess skills in ceramics, POTICHE invites you to join this mosaic of stories where creativity and artistry are shaped in clay and fire.

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