Reaching new heights: The AIKON Skeleton Urban Tribe by Maurice Lacroix

In the realm of horology, Maurice Lacroix has consistently captured the essence of urban landscapes, crafting timepieces that mirror the towering architectural marvels and the vibrant energy of bustling cities.

One such embodiment of this urban elegance was the AIKON Urban Tribe, a timepiece that swiftly captivated watch enthusiasts and found its place on countless wrists. Now, in a tribute to the allure of city life and the success of its predecessor, Maurice Lacroix proudly introduces the AIKON Skeleton Urban Tribe – a daring creation that takes the Urban Tribe design to new dimensions, revealing the intricate heart of the watch through a mesmerizing sapphire dial.

Back in 2021, Maurice Lacroix made a statement with the AIKON Urban Tribe, a watch that was tailor-made for the modern city dweller. This piece resonated deeply, striking a chord with individuals who find themselves enchanted by the spirit of urban architecture. Today, the brand builds upon this triumph, unveiling the AIKON Skeleton Urban Tribe, a horological masterpiece that pays homage to cityscapes with a captivating twist. The timepiece retains the Urban Tribe’s signature style, but with the added intrigue of a skeletonized movement showcased beneath a sapphire dial.

Collaborating closely with movement specialist Sellita, Maurice Lacroix has crafted the exclusive Automatic ML135 movement, based on the SW200 base. Much like the architectural wonders that seamlessly blend strength and luminosity, this movement plays with transparency, allowing light to dance through intricately designed apertures, casting an enchanting glow upon the various components within. The oscillating weight of the movement is a canvas of artistry, adorned with sandblasted and sunbrushed decorations, circular graining, and colimaçon motifs.

The AIKON Skeleton Urban Tribe boasts impeccable style and functionality. Facetted hour and minute hands, coated with Super-LumiNova®, ensure time can be read even in low-light settings. Luminescent indexes and a dark grey flange frame the intricate sapphire dial, adding to the watch’s visual allure. Housed within a 39mm stainless steel case, the exterior is adorned with laser-engraved patterns inspired by the concrete, glass, and steel structures that define the world’s most vibrant cities.

Adding to its urban versatility, the watch features an integrated bracelet and Maurice Lacroix’s renowned Easy Strap Exchange System. This system offers a hassle-free way of switching to alternative straps without the need for any tools, enhancing the watch’s adaptability to different occasions and moods.

For nearly half a century, Maurice Lacroix has demonstrated its watchmaking prowess from its Manufacture in Saignelégier, Switzerland. With a penchant for innovation and perfection, the brand has been recognized with over fifteen awards, reflecting its avant-garde spirit. Rooted in affordable luxury, Maurice Lacroix’s culture revolves around crafting watches that blend iconic design with high perceived value.

In a world where time waits for no one, the AIKON Skeleton Urban Tribe invites you to seize the moment and embrace the city’s vibrant heartbeat. With a limited release of 500 pieces, this masterpiece serves as a testament to Maurice Lacroix’s unwavering dedication to delivering horological excellence and capturing the very essence of urban living.

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