NU SKIN Men’s Care: Elevate Your Grooming Game

Men have efficiency in their DNA, and so does NU SKIN. The meeting of these two forces was inevitable: men seeking a good-looking appearance and the world-leading American cosmetic brand, NU SKIN.

While relatively discreet in Belgium until now, NU SKIN has everything it takes to captivate the modern man – a no-nonsense, sleek appearance, fast and effective skincare, promises of clear, healthy, and matte skin, and a user-friendly webshop for a solo grooming experience.

NU SKIN’s e-catalogue offers men precisely what they demand – concrete results. With specific and versatile product lines, NU SKIN optimizes the daily skincare routine for men. The products are formulated with potent active ingredients and natural components, treating men’s skin with the gentleness it deserves. After all, men’s skin is not leather; it can be sensitive, dehydrated, and irritated. NU SKIN provides the keys to maintain its functionality and stave off the signs of aging for as long as possible.

Dividends: Maximizing Your Morning Shave

The daily ritual of shaving can be harsh on the skin, sensitizing and dehydrating it by removing its natural protection. The Dividends range offers a solution with two multifunctional shaving products, designed to make the most out of this essential routine. These products are perfect additions to the Nu Skin Toiletry Bag – an elegant, practical, and durable organizer.

Dividends Shave Cream:

Just a splash of water, a few strokes with a brush, and this shaving cream transforms into a dense, rich foam that’s tailor-made to hug your facial contours. The refreshing, creamy texture provides an immediate sense of well-being, while its invigorating ‘fresh air’ scent wakes up your skin in the morning. This all-in-one formula cleanses, purifies, revitalizes, and preps the skin for a smooth, hassle-free shave. It owes its magic to gentle surfactants, vitamin E, soothing licorice extract, and anti-irritation bisabolol. Plus, rinsing is a breeze, saving you precious time for a quick and efficient shave.

Dividends Aftershave Balm:

This invigorating balm, lightly scented for that masculine touch, soothes the post-shave burn and gradually reduces the risk of cuts. It absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, and mattifies the skin, ensuring zero discomfort and maximum comfort. The secret to its effectiveness lies in a blend of exfoliants, aloe vera, algae extract, and vitamin E. Here’s a little tip: it also contains an additional active ingredient that refines and softens the hair, visibly reducing its regrowth. The results are evident – clearer skin that lasts from morning to night!

In a world where men demand both efficiency and excellence in their grooming routine, NU SKIN’s Dividends range proves to be a reliable ally. It not only elevates the shaving experience but also pampers and protects the skin, ensuring that men can confidently put their best face forward, every day.

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