Expressions Abstraites: A Tribute to Photographer Olivier Dassault at Artcurial Paris

Art and photography enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to delve into the world of abstraction and creativity as Artcurial, in collaboration with Natacha Dassault, pays tribute to the late photographer Olivier Dassault during Paris Photo 2023.

From November 9th to 11th, an exclusive exhibition titled “Expressions Abstraites” will showcase 40 of Olivier Dassault’s analog photographs at Artcurial. This exhibition offers a profound glimpse into Dassault’s photographic journey, highlighting the 15 years of his life dedicated to capturing the world through his lens.

Exploring Abstraction Through Three Themes

“Expressions Abstraites” is structured around three captivating themes that illuminate Olivier Dassault’s unique perspective:

The Color as a Source of Creation: This theme, exemplified by “Circulation d’Art,” captures the essence of Beaubourg’s structure in 2016. The interplay of colors and shapes in this photograph demonstrates Dassault’s exploration of the visual potential found in the world around him.

Double Exposure as Composition at the Point of Capture: The photograph “Discovery,” taken on an American sidewalk in 2014, exemplifies Dassault’s penchant for double exposure and the creation of unique compositions directly in-camera.

Light as His Credo: “Enigme,” a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of light beams captured in Morocco in 2015, showcases Dassault’s mastery in manipulating light to create stunning visual effects.

Olivier Dassault: A Photographer’s Journey

Olivier Dassault’s passion for photography ignited during his adolescence and remained a lifelong pursuit. With his trusty Minolta XD7 camera by his side, he embarked on a journey to capture the world’s fleeting moments on analog film. His artistic evolution spanned over 40 years, transitioning from instant abstractions to improvisational compositions through multiple exposures. He gradually freed himself from the constraints of realism, embracing color and form as wellsprings of creativity.

A prolific traveler, Dassault absorbed the enigmatic energy of places and everyday objects, crafting visually captivating compositions exclusively in analog. His work celebrated the origins of elements, transcending geographic boundaries and reinventing visual language.

Legacy and Influence

Olivier Dassault’s photographs have graced exhibitions worldwide, from Paris to New York, Madrid to Marrakech. They also found a place in the collections of prestigious institutions, including the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and Palm Springs Art Museum in California. In 2023, his work joined the esteemed collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

While Olivier Dassault held prominent roles in the political and corporate world, it’s his artistic career that truly distinguishes him. His approach embodied a relentless quest for that ultimate and unprecedented capture—a pursuit encapsulated in his “iconic confessions.”

In each photograph, a fragment of life is crystallized where light harmonizes with matter, inviting us to appreciate the world’s beauty and preserve it. In the fleeting image, frozen in timeless eternity, Olivier Dassault’s legacy lives on.


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