Exploring Sculptura #2: A Beacon of Contemporary Sculpture and Installation Art

From January 19 to March 10, 2024, Brussels becomes the canvas for the Sculptura #2 festival, an annual event celebrating contemporary sculpture and installation art. This year’s festival not only expands its horizons but also its geography. Beyond the Maritime Station’s indoor exhibition, Sculptura #2 extends into public spaces, including a sculpture park at the Tour & Taxis site and various locations across the capital.

Art Moves, Art Connects: A Theme of Discovery

The eight-week festival revolves around the theme “Art Moves, Art Connects,” focusing on exploring sculptures from diverse artistic movements. From monumental pieces to smaller works, the aim is to draw the public’s attention to sculptures they might casually encounter in the city. Notable locations like the Pixel Museum, the MigrationMuseumMigration in Molenbeek, and The Dominican hotel will host several pieces, encouraging exploration and engagement with art in everyday settings.

A European Narrative Through Art

Sculptura tells a story of European heritage with 40 artists from across the continent. Recognized as an official cultural activity under the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2024, the festival includes a special feature of the European Parliament’s art collection. This selection, part of the “Art in Democracy” exhibition, reflects on democratic values through the lens of contemporary European artists.

Inclusivity and Accessibility at the Core

Äke Verstraelen, the event organizer, envisions Sculptura as a benchmark for sculpture in the city and at the heart of Europe. The Brussels Sculpture Festival aspires to reach a broad audience, from young students to canal site residents and beyond. Emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity, the festival offers free entry, extensive educational materials, extended opening hours, and guided tours. These efforts aim to make Sculptura #2 as inclusive as possible.

Bridging Art and the Community

Strengthening the connection between the festival and the public, 12 installations will be displayed in the Tour & Taxis garden for a year. This enduring presence allows for ongoing engagement and reflection, further embedding the festival’s impact within the community.

Featured Artists: A Blend of Styles and Cultures

Artists like Gery De Smet, Alexandra Dementieva, Cristobal Gabarron, and Klára Orosz, among others, bring a diverse range of styles and cultural backgrounds to the festival. From the abstract to the figurative, each piece promises to offer unique perspectives and experiences, reflecting the rich tapestry of European art.

Sculptura #2 is not just an art festival; it’s a cultural journey that invites exploration, understanding, and connection through the medium of sculpture. With its inclusive approach and diverse offerings, it promises to be a highlight on Brussels’ cultural calendar, showcasing the vibrant and dynamic nature of contemporary European sculpture.


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