Bang & Olufsen and MonoNeon: Unique Artistic Collaboration for the Beosound A9

Bang & Olufsen, a leader in the high-end audio domain, partners with the innovative and Grammy Award-winning bassist MonoNeon to create a limited edition of the Beosound A9 speaker. This collaboration celebrates the union of experimental music and exceptional design, embodying the intersection of sound art and visual art. MonoNeon, known for his avant-garde style and collaborations with icons such as Prince and George Clinton, brings his colorful signature and experimental approach to this special edition.

The limited edition Beosound A9 by MonoNeon stands out with a design that reflects the artist’s unique style, inspired by his iconic outfits featuring patchwork embroidery and bright colors. The dynamic pattern of the speaker aims to create an immersive experience, transforming the device into a piece of audiovisual art, stimulating the imagination, and evoking emotional responses from the listener.

MonoNeon shares his vision of transforming visual works into musical inspiration, wishing for the speaker to “play music without playing” and to inspire listeners simply by its visual appearance. This philosophy is materialized in the Beosound A9 speaker, where every detail is designed to reflect a harmony between sound and design, offering a synesthetic experience unique to the user.

To mark the launch of this unique collaboration, Bang & Olufsen organized a special event at its Madison Avenue store in New York, featuring a live performance by MonoNeon. This collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and MonoNeon invites us to redefine our relationship with music and visual art, celebrating the harmony between sound and substance in a limited edition that transcends mere listening to touch the essence of art.

The Beosound A9 limited edition x MonoNeon has been available since January 17th, coinciding with the launch event in New York. As for the price, this exceptional piece is offered at a rate of €3,500.

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