A Luxurious Oasis: LOEWE Home Scents Incense

LOEWE introduces a captivating addition to the luxury home fragrance market with its latest creation, Home Scents Incense. This new fragrance is a homage to the unique scent of incense resin from the Boswellia Sacra tree, traditionally used in spiritual ceremonies. Incense by LOEWE is crafted for serene moments and meditative rituals, offering a blend of fresh, earthy, and lemony notes that evolve into a soft, enduring fragrance.

The collection spans scented candles in three sizes, a wax candle holder, and a room spray, all presented in a signature deep blue color. The candles and holder emit a medium-intensity, woody, balsamic scent that fills any room with tranquility. Made from natural wax with a cotton wick, each candle is encased in a glossy, deep blue glazed terracotta pot, elegantly engraved with the LOEWE logo. The unique, artisanal quality of each item ensures that no two pieces are alike, making each a distinctive addition to your home.

The Incense room spray complements the collection with its woody, balsamic essence, highlighted by resinous and lemony notes that slowly unveil a fresh, sweet aroma. Its glass bottle, topped with an enameled ceramic cap and adorned with a cotton label, introduces a tactile element to the fragrance experience.

LOEWE Home Scents Incense is not just about fragrance; it’s an invitation to elevate your living space into a realm of luxury and calm. Whether enriching the ambiance or seeking solace, this fragrance stands as a celebration of sophisticated, mindful living.

Dive into the #LOEWEparfums experience and let the Home Scents Incense collection transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and elegance. In the world of LOEWE, simplicity meets luxury, guiding you to a state of serene bliss.



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