The illy coffee machine by Piero Lisoni: a touch of freshness in the interior!

illy’s popular Y3 coffee machine line has a new addition: the Y3.3. The Y3.3 espresso machine has been restyled by the architect Piero Lissoni, for a result at the top of simplicity with a design that combines ergonomics and clean lines. Beloved for its extremely small size, gorgeous minimal and stylish design, ease of use and classic illy iperespresso coffee capsules, this new model has been eagerly awaited.

If you’re a fan of the line, you may notice it looks nearly identical to the Y3.2, the previous model in the line, so you may be wondering: what’s new?

The main change between the new Y3.3 and the Y3.2 is the power button. On the Y3.2, the power button was a standard looking switch on the left hand side towards the back and bottom of the machine.  The Y3.3 has eliminated the separate power button altogether and has incorporated the power function into the 2 brew buttons on the front of the machine, further streamlining the ease and use of this beautifully simple machine. Now to turn on the machine, simply push the espresso button for 2 seconds; to turn it off, hold both buttons for 2 seconds. 



With this new power function, you can easily operate the machine in even the tightest situations without having to pull the machine out every time.  This change in the Y3.3 may be small but its a smart and user friendly move that makes this machine even better in tiny spaces. Dorm rooms, apartments, small kitchens, offices; there is no space too small or too regular sized for the new illy Y3.3.illy’s  Y3 coffee and espresso capsule machine

Functional and easy to use thanks to the Iperespresso capsules, it will allow you to prepare a delicious illy espresso, with intense aromas and a smooth and persistent crema. The Y3.3 is also compatible with filter coffee capsules to prepare a 220ml long coffee via the “mug” button, ideal for breakfast!

Early January, illycaffé is adding 3 new soft-tone colours to the Y3 range: green, orange and yellow.



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