Olga de Amaral: “The Light of Spirit” – La Patinoire Royale (Brussels)

Be wisped away to the lost world of the Incas with the timeless works of Columbian artist Olga de Amaral.

The Pantinoire Royale-Galeries Valérie Bach in Brussels, Belgium has become the temple of the Amerindian spirit and its powerful spiritual charge. Olga de Amaral’s work re-explores the textile tradition of South America in works that have covered the past 15 years and a selection of forty exceptional pieces are presented.

It is a wonderful display of the pre-Columbian world filled with colours, shapes, graphics and materials reminiscing of this immense civilisation, which has disappeared in the first half of the 16th century.

© Diego Amaral

The stunning works stay true to the natural pigments of the world; indigo, amaranth, turquoise and earth colours, with the use of gold and silver leafing, creates pops of colours and lights that are all displayed against a backdrop of Andean music..

© Diego Amaral

The unique and original works contain an immense range of different fabric manipulation techniques. Weaving fabric into organic shapes that shine with every step around the pieces, cutting and combining textile fibres that are reversible and wire curtains that fall like waterfalls from the ceiling, you do not always no whether you are looking at a contemporary work or archaeological remain.

© Diego Amaral

Each of Olga de Amaral’s works appears as the narrative of an inner journey, recounting the joys and sorrows, the difficult and the dazzling, the journey of an artist in her discovery. It is a wonderful showcase of talent, colour and technique and, all for sale.

Olga de Amaral,’The Light of Spirit’
La Patinoire Royale / galerie Valérie Bach
Rue Veydt 15, 1060 Brussels
30.03.18 > 16.06.18

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