Missy Elliott drops music collection Iconography, plus video for song ‘Throw It Back’

Missy Elliott is throwin’ it back for her comeback. The rapper just dropped her new 5-track project Iconology.

The five-song collection, co-produced with Timbaland, arrives with a new video for her single “Throw It Back”

The video for “Throw It Back” begins with a museum scene featuring a young girl who never heard of Elliott. And a big part of Elliott’s rap on “Throw It Back” is her résumé: “I did records for Tweet before you could even tweet,” she reminds us. Her delivery — surrounded, in the video, by dancers in bright matching-colored outfits — is pure deadpan confidence: “What you’re doing now, I did for a while,” she notes, adding, “Don’t look for another Missy ’cause there’ll be no other one.” But the production, by Elliott with her longtime collaborator Timbaland and Will Hendrix, is also a throwback: just a three-note synthesizer bass line and vintage drum-machine sounds.

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