Unleashing Freedom in Jerusalem: Mamilla Hotel’s Summer 2023 Wellness and Cultural Journey

Mamilla Hotel, a member of The Set Collection and Jerusalem’s premier high-design luxury hotel, is proud to unveil its new “Freedom – Breathing Space” programming for Summer 2023. With a focus on freedom from various perspectives and artistic expressions, Mamilla Hotel offers a range of engaging experiences and exclusive tours that provide guests with a holistic wellness, lifestyle, and cultural immersion. Nestled in the heart of Jerusalem, Mamilla Hotel invites guests to explore the city’s rich heritage while enjoying world-class hospitality and a minimalist yet elegant aesthetic.

Discovering Freedom Through Art: Curated by renowned Israeli curator Galit Zimbalist, the “Freedom – Breathing Space” art exhibition at Mamilla Hotel showcases the works of contemporary artists such as Michal Greenbaum, Mati Halili, Maayan, Neta Ganor, Ziv Ringer, and Jane Luvitan. The exhibition features diverse mediums, including classic photography, treated photography, painting, and sculpture. Zimbalist believes that freedom can be found in moments of relaxation and creativity, allowing guests to recharge and disconnect from their daily routines. The exhibition runs from June to July 2023 and can be explored in various public spaces throughout the hotel.

Indulging in the Freedom of Wine: Mamilla Hotel offers guests the opportunity to experience the freedom of taste and abundance through wine. With over 140 prestigious Israeli boutique wines available at the Mamilla Wine Cellar, guests can embark on a journey of flavors that represent the story of wine in the Land of Israel, spanning 4,000 years. Wine-focused events, workshops, and intimate tastings led by leading winemakers from renowned Israeli boutique wineries are scheduled throughout the summer. Award-winning Israeli wines such as La Foret Blanche, Gvaot Winery, and Netofa Winery will be paired with delectable dishes from the hotel’s new summer menu.

Embracing the Freedom to Breathe: Mamilla Hotel’s Akasha Spa presents new programming centered around the element of “Air” and breathwork during the balmy spring and summer months. Expert-guided yoga and breathing workshops led by experienced local instructors offer guests the opportunity to find their inner freedom and tranquility. A highlight of the program is the sunset yoga session on June 21, International Yoga Day, held on the hotel’s Sun Deck against the backdrop of Jerusalem’s iconic Old City Walls.

Unveiling Jerusalem’s Hidden Charms: Mamilla Hotel invites its guests to discover the hidden secrets and charms of Jerusalem through guided “Shabbat Tours” every Saturday. Led by local guide Oded Amitai, these tours offer a glimpse into Jerusalem’s ancient and modern aspects. Guests will explore sites such as Hozlaretz, the picturesque European complexes within the Old City walls, the ancient Armenian quarter, and the British, French, Italian, and Ethiopian royal houses. These tours provide a deeper understanding of Jerusalem’s architectural marvels, art, history, and culture.

A Journey from Past to Future: Led by guide Oded Amitai, the “From Past to Future” walking tour takes guests through the central districts of Jerusalem, which bridge the gap between the old and new cities.

Participants will discover diverse architectural wonders and learn about the significance of the area throughout history, from biblical times to the present day. The tour also highlights the comprehensive restoration of the neighborhood, which was transformed from a derelict area into the renowned cosmopolitan destination it is today, including Mamilla Hotel and the Mamilla Outdoor Mall.

Greek-Inspired Evenings at Happy Fish: Every Tuesday evening, the Happy Fish Restaurant offers guests a sensory experience celebrating Greek culture. With live Greek music, delectable Mediterranean dishes, and original Greek and Middle Eastern cocktails, diners can indulge in the flavors of the region. The menu includes both staple and signature dishes, such as freshly-baked frena bread with appetizers, fish shawarma on tahini, and a variety of fresh fish options.

 Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem presents an exceptional opportunity for guests to embrace freedom and experience a transformative stay in the “Holy City.” The “Freedom – Breathing Space” programming for Summer 2023 offers a range of activities that combine art, wine, wellness, and cultural exploration. Whether immersing oneself in the thought-provoking art exhibition, savoring award-winning Israeli wines, finding inner peace through yoga, uncovering Jerusalem’s hidden gems, or enjoying Greek-inspired evenings, Mamilla Hotel provides a memorable and enriching experience that harmonizes luxury and cultural immersion.



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