The Centennial Renaissance at La Mamounia: The Brilliance of the Centenary Chandelier


On its centennial, the legendary La Mamounia in Marrakech underwent a dazzling transformation. Under the guidance of Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, the renovation brilliantly elevated its spaces, restoring the establishment’s authentic charm.

Stepping into the lobby, a mesmerizing creation stands majestically, bathing the surroundings in a radiant aura. This is the Centenary Chandelier, already affectionately dubbed the Jewel of the Grande Dame. Evoking the emblematic atmosphere of La Mamounia, this colossal chandelier resembles two suspended necklaces, paying tribute to both local and international cultures.

Its design, both grand and delicate, allows for perfect harmony with the rest of the décor. This masterpiece, a product of Jouin Manku’s genius, embodies a flawless fusion between tradition and modernity, between Moroccan culture and a cosmopolitan vision. Their approach seeks to marry ancestral craftsmanship with innovation, thus creating a perfect synergy between the past and the present.

The Centenary Chandelier, elegantly integrated into the lobby’s pyramidal ceiling, is more than just a decorative piece. It alludes to Moroccan arts, Berber femininity, while highlighting contemporary expertise. Inspired by traditional “tamazight” jewelry, this luminous work of art unfolds in two sublime necklaces. One, adorned with handcrafted Moroccan pendants in nickel silver and silver, and the other, a creation by the Lasvit studio, consists of glass beads with varied textures.

The piece is complemented by a basin that beautifully reflects the chandelier, offering a unique visual experience, changing with the light and viewing angle. This basin, with its textured glass surface, conjures the image of moving water waves, reflecting the chandelier’s silvery splendor.

In summary, La Mamounia, with its Centenary Chandelier, has not only marked its history but also laid the foundation for its next century. Welcome to the next 100 years of La Mamounia!

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