Musée Comme Chez Soi: A Transformative Art Experience in Brussels

In the heart of Ixelles, a groundbreaking cultural initiative, “Musée comme chez soi,” has shaped the intersection of art and community. Born in 2018 from a collaboration between Musée d’Ixelles and Patrimoine à roulettes, the project invited neighbors to host museum artworks in their homes. Over 10 editions, 92 households welcomed 92 artworks, bridging the gap between the museum and the community.

On December 3rd, 2023, the project culminates with its 10th and final edition, featuring masterpieces by artists like Privat Livemont and Louis Van Lint in the Sceptre-Couronne neighborhood. While this chapter ends, its impact is enduring. By bringing art into homes, “Musée comme chez soi” transformed relationships, sparking dialogues and debates, and demystifying the museum experience.

This initiative redefined the Musée d’Ixelles as a collaborative space, where the community actively participates in curating and conserving art. As the museum prepares to reopen, it does so with a transformed identity. No longer just a repository, it’s a vibrant hub of creativity and connection, thanks to the shared ownership cultivated by “Musée comme chez soi.” As the final artworks find their temporary homes, they carry the legacy of a project that revolutionized the way art and communities intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on Ixelles and beyond.

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