Blankspace Brussels: A Personalized Haven for Events

Entering Blankspace Brussels is not just stepping into an event venue; it’s akin to walking into your own home. From the moment you organize an event here, Blankspace welcomes you by name, creating an intimate and personalized experience. Nestled in a serene residential street behind the Berlaymont building, the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels, Blankspace offers a unique setting where Europe converges daily.

Concept of Infinite Possibilities: As the name suggests, Blankspace is a canvas awaiting your creative touch. Like a blank piece of paper, it’s a neutral space where you determine the color and style. At first glance, the space seems empty, with white walls and minimalistic decor, allowing you to envision and shape its purpose. The versatility of Blankspace is evident, with the ability to project, digitally write, or paste, and a sliding wall for customizable divisions.

Diverse Spaces for Every Occasion: The ground floor of the townhouse is a canvas at your disposal, comprising three consecutive spaces, a city garden, and an urban creative studio.

Barspace welcomes you with warmth, serving as an ideal check-in area or a break-out space for creative coffee breaks and small lunch buffets. Adjacent is the Meetingspace, a flexible area equipped with a Samsung Frame TV, accommodating various events such as board meetings, cocktail receptions, or product launches for up to 28 guests. Through wooden sliding doors, Tablespace offers a bright setting with signature hanging tables and the latest Samsung Frame TVs, suitable for meetings, workshops, or seated meals for up to 30 guests.

Culinary Delights from Around the World: Blankspace collaborates with a selection of catering partners, each offering a unique culinary experience:

  • Fonteyne The Kitchen showcases a fusion of Belgo-French and Thai recipes, emphasizing the combination of pleasure and health.
  • I Tratturi takes you on an authentic Italian journey, crafting homemade pasta dishes and fine aperitivo using the highest quality ingredients.
  • Barpartners is your go-to for tailored cocktail and mocktail , as well as fine spirits tastings for that perfect afterwork aperitif.
  • OBAO satisfies Japanese cravings with creative sushi, California rolls, and fresh sashimi, whether for a light lunch or a hearty dinner.
  • Blankspace itself ensures creative coffee breaks, tasty breakfasts, and gourmet sandwich lunches, offering a shot of caffeine with warm croissants or oatmeal cakes and freshly squeezed fruit juices.              

Engaging Workshops for Unique Experiences: Blankspace goes beyond traditional events, offering workshops that promise a great, educational, and fun experience:

  • Let’s Shake It by Barpartners teaches the art of mixology, allowing participants to create their cocktail or mocktail masterpieces.
  • Pasta La Vista with I Tratturi is an Italian culinary workout, guiding participants in crafting their pasta creations following La Nonna’s recipes.
  • Green Fingers by Greenmood invites participants to create their preserved moss frame artwork, a unique and personalized green creation.
  • In the Picture with Luk Vander Plaetse is a mobile phone photo workshop, unlocking creative potential and teaching essential techniques for stunning smartphone photography.

Contact Information and Location

Blankspace Brussels is conveniently located at Rue Saint Quentin 29, B-1000 Brussels, with nearby parking options and accessible public transportation via Metro (Line 1 & 5) and Intercity Trains at Bruxelles-Schuman station.

In conclusion, Blankspace Brussels stands out as a versatile, welcoming, and personalized event space, offering a blank canvas for your creativity, diverse spaces for every occasion, culinary delights from around the world, and engaging workshops for unique experiences. The attention to detail and commitment to personalization make Blankspace a standout choice for events in Brussels.


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