Kia and Uber Join Forces for Zero-Emission Mobility

In an exciting development for urban transportation, Kia has partnered with Uber to create specialized “Platform Beyond Vehicle” (PBV) models, aligning with Uber’s zero-emission target for 2040. Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, this collaboration is set to revolutionize the rideshare industry.

Innovative PBVs for Enhanced Ridesharing

Kia’s PBVs will introduce innovative enhancements in mobility, offering versatile solutions for both businesses and individual consumers. The CES 2024 saw the presentation of the Kia Concept PV5, with plans to initiate a phased launch in 2025 that will transform mobility over the next decade.

Technology-Driven Transportation

This partnership promises an array of Kia vehicles equipped with advanced technology to improve the ridesharing experience. These vehicles will feature interactive infotainment and safety technologies, tailoring the driving environment to individual preferences, including personalized climate and audio settings.

Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Solutions

Kia and Uber aim to lower vehicle ownership costs, considering various PBV options and Battery as a Service (BaaS) subscriptions. The initiative will expand Kia’s Flex program in North America, offering drivers on Uber’s platform a complete package, including electric vehicles, insurance, and maintenance.

A Green Future with Smart Mobility

Kia’s ten-year PBV project, unveiled at CES, supports Hyundai Motor Group’s goals in advanced robotics and autonomous driving. The project begins with the modular “Kia PV5,” leading to a range of models designed for the rideshare market, ensuring a sustainable and smart future for city transportation.

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