Renault Espace Esprit Alpine E-Tech Full Hybrid : New Face of the Large Family Car

The icon of large MPVs, the Renault Espace, is reinventing itself for its sixth generation. First launched in 1984, the Renault Espace has evolved over the decades, now adopting a more robust look and advanced technologies while retaining its essence as a spacious family vehicle. This transformation fits current trends but also anticipates the future needs of large families. Let’s see why this Renault Espace perfectly embodies the manufacturer’s “Renaulution” philosophy.

The new design of the Renault Espace E-Tech radically breaks with its MPV past to adopt the codes of SUVs in recent years. Its silhouette has been completely reshaped to offer a more athletic and modern look. The vehicle features a redesigned front with C-shaped LED headlights, a grille sporting glossy black bars, and stylistic elements reminiscent of motorsport. The profile is enhanced by sharper lines and widened wheel arches, while the sloping rear roofline contributes to a more dynamic aesthetic. These changes are not only aesthetic but also functional, improving aerodynamics and thus reducing fuel consumption.

The new Renault Espace stretches to a length of 4.72 meters, providing generous space for all passengers. The width remains comfortable at 2.08 meters and the height at 1.64 meters, ensuring a spacious and airy cabin. The wheelbase has been extended to 2.74 meters, allowing for a third row of seats, making the Espace an ideal choice for large families. The rear overhang of 1.05 meters maximizes cargo space.

Inside, the Renault Espace E-Tech Full Hybrid excels with its ergonomics and refinement. The cabin is dominated by high-quality materials and a sleek design. The dashboard centers around two large screens: a 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel for driving information, and a 12-inch portrait mode touchscreen in the center for the infotainment system. The seats are designed to offer maximum comfort with options for electric adjustment, heating, and even massage for higher trims.

The ergonomics of the new Espace are designed for intuitive interaction between the vehicle and the driver. Controls are optimally placed for easy access without distracting from the road. The infotainment system integrates cutting-edge technology, including compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing passengers to stay connected and entertained.

The heart of the Renault Espace E-Tech Full Hybrid lies in its sophisticated hybrid powertrain. Combining a 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine with two electric motors, it delivers a combined power of 200 horsepower. This setup offers robust performance as well as remarkable efficiency, with fuel consumption reduced to 4.6 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of only 104 g/km.

The hybrid system is supported by a 2 kWh battery that automatically recharges through energy recovery during braking. This intelligent system allows the battery to stay charged without needing dedicated charging time. The vehicle is ideal for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising convenience.

Driving the Renault Espace Esprit Alpine E-Tech Full Hybrid is an experience in itself. With the addition of 4Control Advanced technology, the vehicle offers exceptional maneuverability. This feature allows the rear wheels to pivot up to 5 degrees, reducing the turning radius and increasing agility, especially in urban environments. The vehicle offers various driving modes adapted to different road conditions to ensure a safe and pleasant ride for the whole family.

The Renault Espace E-Tech Full Hybrid confidently positions itself in the hybrid SUV category, offering a seductive combination of power, fuel economy, and advanced technology. The series-parallel hybrid system demonstrates remarkable efficiency. Inside, the vehicle shines with its infotainment system driven by Android. The habitability is generous, especially with the possibility of moving the rear bench to the maximum, making long journeys more enjoyable for all passengers. The 4Control system, which facilitates maneuvers in the city, transforms the driving experience, making this large vehicle surprisingly agile in tight spaces.
Thus, while the new Espace E-Tech Full Hybrid excels in almost every aspect as an SUV, it may leave purists a bit nostalgic, reflecting an evolution that, although necessary, moves away from its initial heritage. The challenge for Renault will be to continue honoring this heritage while forging a new identity for the Espace in the coming years.

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