Brussels 2024 Cultural Guide: A Must-Have for Art and Culture Enthusiasts

The Brussels 2024 Cultural Guide, returning to bookstores on November 21st, offers a tangible escape from the digital world for just 10 EUR. This essential guide for art lovers presents an array of must-see cultural events in Brussels for 2024.

It coincides with Belgium’s presidency of the Council of the EU, spotlighting projects like “Surrealism and Ensor” by top institutions like BOZAR, Royal Museums of Fine Arts, and KBR. Tributes to Jean-Michel Folon, Christophe Gevers, and Josef Hoffman at various museums add to the allure.

Curated by ten culture-savvy journalists, the guide lists 100 unique cultural outings, from exhibitions and concerts to hidden gems. It’s designed for both locals and expats, aiming to highlight the essential while uncovering the hidden jewels of Brussels. This edition, a project by the Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with, is a must-have for anyone eager to delve into Brussels’ rich cultural tapestry.

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