Jaguar I-Pace 2024: A Subtle Refresh for the Electric Pace-Setter


As the automotive industry embraces the electric revolution, Jaguar’s I-Pace stands out as an early and impressive entry into this rapidly evolving market. Launched in 2018, the I-Pace quickly turned heads with its futuristic design. For 2024, Jaguar has given its performance SUV a mid-cycle refresh, keeping it at the forefront of electric innovation.

The 2024 I-Pace showcases a refined front grille, now featuring a flat Atlas grey panel, replacing the previous glossy black honeycomb design. This subtle change enhances the vehicle’s clean, electric-forward aesthetic, while the refreshed black and silver Jaguar badge proudly takes center stage.

In a nod to a more unified design language, the I-Pace’s front and rear bumper details, previously in glossy black, now match the body color. This shift lightens the overall visual appearance, adding a touch of sophistication. The I-Pace also introduces diamond-turned wheels and a new 22-inch 5609 wheel option with a satin finish.

For the first time, the I-Pace’s panoramic roof can be ordered with a black finish for the rear section, adding an extra layer of customization. Two additional paint options, satin Eiger Grey and metallic Carpathian Grey, are now available, broadening the palette for discerning buyers.

While the UK-exclusive Sport version gets an air suspension, the standard I-Pace remains unchanged technically, continuing to impress with its 90 kWh battery and potent 400 hp electric motor.

The 2024 Jaguar I-Pace, with its subtle yet significant updates, remains a standout in the electric SUV segment. It’s a testament to Jaguar’s commitment to not just participating in the electric market, but leading it with style and performance. This latest iteration is sure to appeal to those who value cutting-edge design and sustainable driving without compromising on luxury.

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