Suspended Colors: Antonio Da Ros’s Murano Masterpieces Illuminate Brussels

In a luminous celebration of artistic finesse, the Modesti Perdriolle Gallery in Brussels unveils the much-anticipated exhibition, “Suspended Colors,” featuring the exceptional works of the late Murano glass maestro, Antonio Da Ros. Running from January 27 to March 23, 2024, with the grand opening scheduled for January 27 at 18:00, this exhibition marks the Belgian debut of Da Ros’s groundbreaking collection.

                                    © 2023 ModestiPerdriolle Gallery – Photos©Hugard & Vanoverschelde                                     

Antonio Da Ros (1936-2012), hailing from Venice, underwent artistic incubation at the Carmini Istituto di Arti Decorative, a renowned institution shaping the city’s avant-garde. By the age of 21 in 1957, he earned the prestigious title of Professor of Decorative Arts and Architecture. At 17, Da Ros connected with Gino Cenedese & C, a glass factory known for its skilled master glassblowers. It was here that Da Ros delved into various techniques, with a notable emphasis on ‘sommerso’—a complex process involving layers of colored glass encased within crystal glass.

                                        © 2023 ModestiPerdriolle Gallery – Photos©Hugard & Vanoverschelde 

Da Ros’s mastery lay in juxtaposing layers of colored glass, skillfully suspending hues within geometrically shaped vases, transforming them from decorative objects into captivating sculptures. His creations, essentially conceptual works, engage in a profound dialogue with contemporary art language, finding a place within Venice’s vibrant art scene, marked by international exhibitions such as the Biennale.

                                      © 2023 ModestiPerdriolle Gallery – Photos©Hugard & Vanoverschelde

The exhibition, “Antonio Da Ros: Suspended Colors,” curated at Modesti-Pedriolle Gallery, showcases approximately forty pieces from Da Ros’s prolific period spanning the 1960s to the 1980s. It seeks to highlight the artist’s influence from artistic movements, particularly Spatialism, evident not only in the aesthetics but also in the titles of his works.

Da Ros’s innovative ‘sommerso’ technique is also apparent in his stylized animal series, featuring fish, elephants, mammoths, water birds, and Moonlight cats. The exhibition delves into this aspect of his production, underlining its significance, as seen in the 1962 Biennial catalogue featuring fish.

                                      © 2023 ModestiPerdriolle Gallery – Photos©Hugard & Vanoverschelde – 

This marks the first solo exhibition of Antonio Da Ros abroad, introducing the extraordinary designer to the Belgian public and contextualizing his work within broader artistic influences. To emphasize the historical importance of Da Ros’s work, a Journal accompanies the exhibition at Modesti-Pedriolle Gallery, enriched with historical reference images. This serves as an initial exploration of a key figure in 20th-century glass design, with a more comprehensive study planned in a subsequent volume on Antonio Da Ros (5continents, 2024), edited by Cristina Beltrami.

The exhibition holds particular significance in Belgium, known for its strong collectionism tied to Venetian glass. Some of Da Ros’s glass pieces already grace the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Further deepening the Italo-Belgian connection, on February 8, 2024, the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels will host a conference on the subject, led by Cristina Beltrami, offering an immersive journey into the legacy of Antonio Da Ros.

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