Watch-List: The Man With The Answers

The latest film from writer/director Stelios Kammitsis is The Man With The Answers.

The film gives us the story of Viktoras (Vasilis Magouliotis). Viktoras used to be a champion diver, but he’s been treading water on the Greek coast, looking after his grandmother. Upon the death of his grandmother, Viktoras decides to visit his mother in Germany – taking a ferry across to Italy and then driving north. On the ferry, Viktoras meets Mathias (Anton Weil). Mathias is also heading to Germany, and their journey together begins.

While Viktoras is emotionally reserved and brooding, Mathias is an unabashed free-spirit – who encourages Viktoras to leave the motorway for a more picturesque route.

This is a charming, unhurried road-movie.

What makes this film work is the impressive performance by Vasilis Magouliotis as Viktoras – giving us an authentic portrayal of a guy trying to figure himself out.

The Man With The Answers is distributed by Peccadillo Pictures

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